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Adventurer Paul Templer Brings a Message of Inspiration, Accountability, and Actionable Strategies

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Overcoming Adversity and Managing Change

Most of us can say that we’ve had a bad day at the office. But can you say that on your worst day at work, you faced the jaws of death?

While guiding a Zambezi river tour in Africa, Paul Templer attempted to save another guide’s life. In the process, he battled a rogue hippopotamus, suffering over 40 puncture wounds across his body and losing his left arm. Over time, Paul regained his will to live and continues to adventure around the world. Now his transformative experience is an inspirational story, for audiences around the world, about life and how we choose to approach it.

Paul uses his story to challenge and empower you to build the personal and professional life you’ve always wanted—one decision and one productive action at a time.

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